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We are a team of Pest Control and Hygiene industry experts at your service.

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With licensed, responsible and quality activities our goal is to provide complete Pest Control Solutions for the Commercial and Residential sectors using only the approved safety regulated pesticides in industry.

As a smart approach's to ensure that our customers have a more competitive business without pest nuisance we do implement an ECO friendly, chemical free, high efficiency methods for illuminating sources of the problem where it breeds.

Pests related damages have become an increasing problem. They have developed resistance to pesticides, so we require an alternative approach to limit their increase. The best way to work against pests is to work preventively.

In our approach to cleaning up pests we give help with advice for prevention in the first place. Implementation of mechanical measures in the second place and use pesticides in the last place. In addition, laws have been significantly tightened in the area, for example, it is no longer recommended to use pesticides for preventive purposes.

We take responsibility for our work. Our pest control services includes


Our main concern is not to use chemicals and sprays' in your living space. But in nonavoidable cases, we use only carefully selected products that regular stores don't offer. Our aim of pest control is permanent protection, and by hiring DanPest you're paying for a solution, not a temporary treatment. Our focus is on protecting your health and the environment. Every pest solution is unique to each home.

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We guarantee to safeguard your public image with an integrated pest program customized just for your company and industry from hotels to warehouses or from schools to hospitals. An effective treatment that lasts a long time with minimum disruption to your daily operations as possible. DanPest will address the areas of concern with you before a problem occurs.

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Facilities management

Danpest makes sure your property is up to code. Our priority is to keep all employees, tenants, and guests safe while they’re on your property. It requires an in-depth understanding of your premises, your buildings’ and your users. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and in order for us to deliver services that meet your expectations, we will tailor our offering to suit you from waste management, cleanliness to hygiene.

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Pre-construction and post construction Termite Control & Building Service Division

Often you don't know you have termites until you see the damage signs, and by then it's can be too late. With our termite free guarantee, you never have to worry with termites and the extensive damage they cause ever again. We can recognize the early signs of termites before they have the chance to do real damage to your home, Inventory, furniture, fixtures!

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We find solutions that provide 100% pest free Environment.

In the case of spraying pesticides, we follow strict guidelines. Usually, on a day or time of weather that has little effect on the neighborhood, such as when there is no wind or when the wind is weak, and pay attention to the direction of the wind and the direction of the nozzle of the spraying device. Minimize pesticide application in areas and give maximum consideration to prevent it from shattering, such as by using high-end nozzles that suppress scattering. Utilize methods other than spraying, such as killing, applying, and injecting trunks.

  • Usually, in cases of pesticides were used, In advance we inform the residents of the purpose, the date and time of application, the type of pesticide used, and our contact information for inquiries. In particular, if there are school routes near the area where the pesticide is sprayed, we make sure that the school and parents of children were informed and give maximum consideration to the time of spraying.
  • We understand many of our residential and commercial customers are looking for organic solutions to their pest problems. If there are people who are sensitive to chemical substances in the vicinity we give due consideration. Measures will be taken to prevent anyone other than pesticide users from entering the spray area at the time of spraying or immediately after spraying by displaying a signboard and setting the restricted area.

We inspect, Investigate and provide expert recommendations.

For a Free Home Evaluation, you can choose to chat with us over the phone or you can schedule an on-site meeting. We Guarantee a quick Response either the same day or the next day. You will be provided with a detailed analysis report with the necessary action steps.
When you contact to set up your inspection, you will be assisted by a licensed technician or a representative. In our services, pesticides are used only wherever necessary to achieve acceptable levels of control of pests
Our service begins with a comprehensive, complete inspection of your premises. Seeking signs inside and out to locate the origin and type of pest infestation.

A friendly and reliable team, which you can count on for consultation.

When we find the cause, it's time to apply the right treatment. To minimize the health risks, we will recommend alternative treatments that are more eco-friendly like control baits, prevention of access, and source termination.
We're tough on pests yet, consider the value of the impact it could effect on the environment and Beneficial Insects. We use traditional and modern methods with a combination with other control measures, methods, and solutions that are free of pesticides.

Thorough & proactive treatment to eliminate and prevent

We have encountered various problems in many industries, which have challenged our way of working. Pre-treatment, frequent re-inspections are the only practical way for a sustainable solution. We provide thorough preventative services to stop pests before they get inside. We plug, seal, to ensure that any entry points are fully closed. Again with our two approaches. Either electronic, mechanical automated traps, Frequent counterattacks.

We're Responsible and fully guaranteed!

We stand by our No-Nonsense, Money-Back Guarantee. If your pests return within 90 days, we provide absolutely free service without hesitation at no charge. Our technicians are licensed Pest Control Operators! We hire professional people and train them well, give them the best tools & equipment.
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